1. 1997

    The Dream

    A group of friends from different countries and cultures running training projects all around Europe, shared the dream of creating an International Academy of Experiential Education in Europe.

  2. 1998

    The Adventure Starts

    Started the adventure with the first Long term training course for trainers in process oriented experiential learning. Since the first exerience the powerful impact on participants’ professional development was clear.

  3. 1998

    until now One training a year

    Each year at least one long term training course was run at European level, with meaningful result in terms of personal and professional development for participants. Those results and feed back from participants gave as the energy to go deeper on what we were doing and etablish year after year new training project based on outdoor experience, reflective practice and meaninfull learning. This encourages us to continue our discoveries and share our findings in adult education by increasing adult educators’ access to professional training courses on experiential education methodology. Since 1998 400 educators and trainers from all around Europe attented our programmes.

  4. 2009

    Grundvig progamme of EU

    has financed Via experientia’s long term training course. On the basis of this course a present shape of long term training programme was defined. Since then 5 editions of long term training programme have been realised.

  5. 2010

    Learning community

    We found the connection between participants enriching, therefore initiated to create a learning community of ex-participants, we called it „ALUMNI“. Alumni meetings are happening once in year or in two years. Each year a member of the community takes the responsibility to organize the meeting. The Alumni meeting is an opportunity for the life-long learning of its members and to create professional network in Europe.

  6. 2014

    “REFLECT” project

    All partners in Via Experientia together with 4 European universities have been involved in an action research project which has produced the cutting-edge publication about reflection in learning “Holding the Space .More about the project and it’s findings: www.reflecting.eu

  7. From

    New Developments

    Taking into consideration the result of the international research on reflective approach, the format and the content of the long term training programme has been developed and is looking brightly into the future. The 6th edition is about to start in May, 2017.