Testimonals from participants

“I know now the theoretical concepts of Experiential Learning and I could integrate them in my practice. I understand the core essence of the Experiential Learning methodology.
I know and I can facilitate the group dynamics and the process of a group.
I can read and feel a group.
I know how to sometimes follow, or direct, or confront a group.
I am able now to let go of what should be and work with what (already) is.
I like to see people learn and grow and I like to help them extract learning or meaning of experiences as they occur.
I learned to love and value people and things when they are less than perfect (including me), to run from what is comfortable, to forget about safety and to live where I fear to live”.
“What do I take from this learning journey? => Lightness ”
Questions I still have in my mind:
– Can there be learning without fears and challenge?
– Can there be a process without people? If yes, what is it?
– Which activities can be experiential learning activities out of outdoor and ropes? Something more related to me, more artistic?

Veronique Bertolle

Via experientia 4th edition

“It’s a good to feel and understand that your thoughts, your feelings and your body start to harmonise when you stop rushing.”

“It’s great to realise that being “good enough” is enough and be satisfied with it”.

“It’s interesting to experience that in order to help others, you actually need to HELP YOURSELF”

“I am able to accomplish the impossible when I’m supported by other people and can trust them”.

These thoughts are from my Via Experientia diary. The experience in this course taught me to live “here and now” more often, to observe myself in different work and life situations and understand the way my reactions and behaviour affect other people around me.

Loreta Kačiušytė Skramtai

Via Experientia 5th edition

“By participating in Via Experientia I gained experience and methods that help me working as a community worker, manager and leader.  The role of reflection was a valuable addition to my personal growth.  Highly recommend taking part.”

Óskar Dýrmundur Ólafsson, Iceland - district mayor in the Breiðholt district in Reykjavík.

Via Experientia 1st edition

Participating in Via Experientia has been one great experience. The impact in my daily life is quite strong and I can feel it every step of the way since Via has finished.

It promoted a big boost in my self-knowledge and awareness, helping me in realising patterns of thought and behaviour that were painful and which were creating blockages in my life and choices. It also helped me to realise my strengths and reinforce my bright side, supporting big transitions in my life and facilitating the tools for better facing life challenges.

In terms of my professional development it helped me to realise in which way my work was being influenced by my way of being and what I could do to unblock my full potential. Namely I feel more confident and authentic, and I feel capable of using feedback, challenge and motivate groups.

I have perceived a big change in myself that is hard to describe in words. In Via we learn with all our being, in a holistic way and in deep contact with nature, others and self. I feel grateful and happy that I could have this experience 

Ana Afonso

Via Experientia 5th edition

The participation in the LTTC of Via Experientia supported my previous background and provided more tools as a therapist to work with youngsters through the methodology of experiential learning. On a personal level I became more awere of my own behaviour in a group process through reflective practices, where the trainers provided safe space for self learning and support in my own process. Furthermore becoming a part of the Via Experientia Alumni learning community after the training, opened up a whole new world through networking in Europe where possibilities of continuing work seems endless. I am grateful for the opportunity of participating in Via Experientia where I have the feeling of belongingness in this unique European Alumni family

Harpa Ýr Erlendsdóttir, ergotherapeut.

Via Experientia 1st edition

If I should choose one word to define my experience in Via it would be « development ». Long-term trainings recognize the importance of the process – either in terms of time but mainly in allowing participants to take the ownership of their learning, step by step.  This is essential! It raises awareness on your own development’s process, on the group’s development process and on the idea of development itself – core of experiential learning.

All this to say that Via Experientia gave me two lens: one to see up-close and another one for distance. Personal and meta-level. I got equipped with self-awareness, understanding of experiential learning and self-confidence to re-use it afterwards. It helped me to identify and to name situations that I already knew but didn’t know they “existed” 

I felt privileged to be a participant in Via Experientia: it was the opportunity to work on myself, learn a new working method, apply it in a safe space, debrief with other trainers and evaluate the whole process.  A matter of development: inside and outside!

Manuela Costeira

Via experientia, 3rd edition