SILENCE retreat

15-22 October, 2019

Hrisey island, ICELAND

Well, this invitation is not exactly  to an advanced workshop, but it is an extraordinary experience we’re inviting Via Experientia learners and explorers.

Maybe you’ve heard stories of earlier Via Experientia experiments with silence. On the Incredible island of Hrisey – in a fjord which opens up to the North Pole – hosting silence retreats or workshops in the Black & White House at the end of the world? If you haven’t  heard those stories, there are couple of glimpses here and here to feel what it was about.

The time has come to give it a try to another silence experience and to invite you to your own personal journey. You can find full description of silence retreat in the brochure.

As you will see the places are limited and the last day to apply is 30 June. Apply by writing an email to one of the guardians of Silence: Bjorn, Arturas or Mark