There have already been five editions of  our long term training programme, and many other training courses since 1998.

Participants of previous editions have access to the “Alumni learning community of Via Experientia” that offers you the opportunity :

  • To have access to the“Alumni Meetings”. Created for the life long learning of its members, it takes  place every 2 years in different countries of Europe. Next, will be in spring 2018 in Portugal;
  • To create your own professional network with other alumni and organisations around Europe;
  • To benefit from reduced fees only for alumni for the advanced training workshops organised by Via Experientia.


All partners in Via Experientia together with 4 European universities have been involved in an action research project which has produced the cutting-edge publication about reflection in learning “Holding the Space” .

“Holding the Space”- facilitating reflection for learning and inner readiness.

These new findings enable our courses to really touch what is crucial for facilitating learning processes and for triggering people in manifesting their inner readiness!

Available for download from the project’s website: