Mathilda Olive

Mathilda OLIVE

Mathilda is passionate about human relations and non-formal education. She studied communication and ended her bachelor in Australia graduating in team dynamics and group development. She attended her Via Experientia Long Term Training Course in 2012 when she realised the power of experiential learning and self-awareness.

Raised in the outdoors, she believes that Nature and environment can bring a lot of insights to people, that’s how she naturally passed a French certificate to use outdoor tools in education with groups. She kept traveling to better understand the world, get energy from different places and define what could be her best role in it.

She currently works half of the year for the Sport and Corsican Youth Center where she coordinates, trains and facilitates international mobilities towards youngsters and youth workers to develop their learning process and empowerment. The other half she’s living in the French-Alps mountains, keeps learning by attending new training courses on different topics and works as self-employed for team building and management courses when she’s not on her snowboard.